sell of metallurgical

Castings from cast steel, gray iron and nodular cast iron

Cast steel

  • Hand or machine moulding
  • Green - sand moulding (bentonite mixtures)
  • CT mixtures on the basis of water glass
  • Weight of castings:
    20-20000 kg/pcs

Grey and ductile cast iron

  • Manual box and floor moulding or machine moulding
  • Moulding in the sand mixtures on the basis of furan resins
  • Weight of castings:
    20-50 000 kg/pc – grey cast iron
    100-15 000 kg/pc – ductile cast iron

Material: (according to next table)

Type of standard Cast steel marks
ČSNcarbon steel 4226xx, low-alloy steel 4227xx, alloy steel
DIN 16GS-38, GS-45, GS-52, GS-60, GS-20Mn5,GS-42CrMo4, GS-18NiMoCr 36
Type of standard Grey cast iron marks
ČSN EN 1561EN-GLJ-150,EN-GLJ-200,EN-GLJ-250,EN-GLJ-300,EN-GLJ-350
DIN 1691GG15, GG20, GG25, GG30
Type of standard Ductile cast iron marks
ČSN422304, 422305, 422306
ČSN EN 1561EN-GJS-400-15, EN-GJS-500-7, EN-GJS-600-3
DIN 1691GGG40, GGG50, GGG60

As per customer´s request other marks of cast steel and cast iron can be made.

  • Heat treating process: normalizing/full annealing, tempering
    or stress relief annealing, heat treatment
  • Certification: acc. to EN 10204
  • Casting accuracy: degree DCTG12 or DCTG13 acc to EN ISO 8062-3